Buffalo Who?

I’m just your average Mama Buffalo, tatankin’ around the plains. Kinda majestic from a distance, fairly shaggy-lookin’ when you get a little closer, good at warm snuggles but with the caveat that you should really watch out for the pointy bits at the ends. I love at 100%, but will not hesitate to give you a little reminder kick-to-the-head if necessary. I believe firmly that god exists in each of us, and when I meet you, I will immediately start to try to figure out what your internal god looks like…which, as fair warning, will likely mean I sit very quietly and listen to what you have to say, nodding at appropriate moments and making stunted small talk in an attempt to get more info. Buffalos are not well-known for their wildly social nature. 🙂


4 responses to “Buffalo Who?

  1. Kansas Sunflower

    Your writing strikes a chord in the hearts of every woman who has ever “been there, done that.” Thank you for your humorous and honest approach to what is often the “big secret” kept covered under the smiling face of self-loathing, shame and humiliation.I appreciate your words more than you can know. Keep writing!

    • That smile just gets so tiring to keep up after a while, doesn’t it? And that’s part of what made me get started with trying to revise how I manage my life–I figured that since my cheeks were exhausted from the “Everything is fine, thanks!” grin, maybe it was time to let some other muscle groups have a turn. 🙂

      I’m so glad you found this little corner of the universe, ‘Flower…it’s always good for people to encourage each other, even if it just means we’re all laughing at the same jokes. Pull up a chair, grab some treats from the buffet (it’s all calorie-, fat-, and sugar-free here in the cyberworld!), and the cabana boys should be around shortly! *grin*

  2. Christine

    Thought I’d roam around for a bit.

    • Welcome! There’s coffee at the giant coffee bar in the corner, a fridge full of delicious and healthy snacks in the kitchen, and a second fridge in the basement that’s full of stuff that would be strictly forbidden by most diets in the real world but are entirely calorie- and fat-free since we’re in cyberspace. Bookshelves are in the living room, along with some big overstuffed chairs, and the cabana boys should be around shortly to see if you need anything. Make yourself at home! 🙂

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