You Still Matter

Hey gang,

It’s National Suicide Prevention Week, so I want to take a second to revisit a piece I wrote this time last year, “You Matter“.

I know a lot of us are terribly busy people, so you might not have time to go back and reread the whole post. That’s ok; but I do want to make sure a few key points get refreshed in your mind, just in case. If you do reread the original post, you’ll notice that the items listed below are the bits in boldface or colorful text in the original. I do that for a reason. 😉

If you remember nothing else from “You Matter”, please remember the following:

1. 1-800-273-TALK (8255), the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It’s staffed with lovely people who just want to listen and help–no judgment, no condescension, no preaching. Just nice people who care, and who have lots of great information to offer. They also have a chat feature on their website, if you prefer to do everything online.


3. You matter, dammit.

4. You. Matter.

5. You have the right to change your circumstances anytime you want to.

6. You have the right to make the changes that are necessary for you to have a safe, sane, and stable life.

7. You have the right to say “I need help, please”.

8. You have the right to say “I need help, please, and I don’t know anyone to ask”. 

9. You’re not being a bother or an inconvenience if you call [the Lifeline].


11. You can be the One Good Thing in someone’s day. You can make all–all–the difference.

12. Maybe, just maybe, using your 17 muscles to change the world can stop it from being someone’s Last Day.


14. You have the right to give and receive love.

15. You have the right to get extra support.

16. Dammit, YOU MATTER.

I know, I know, there’s some repetition in that list. Sorry not sorry–hopefully by now you’ve sorted out that I am not even a little bit distressed by the idea of repeating key thoughts over and over and over until they sink in. Especially when they’re important. Especially when they’re the whole reason we’re all here today. Especially when–like you–they matter.

Shower each other with love this week, ok? And then keep at it once this week is over. And perhaps most importantly, shower yourself with love. You deserve it. Because–you guessed it–

You Matter.


Love you each, love you all,

Mama BW



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