Happy 2013: Bonus Round


I don’t know if you noticed, but December 21 came and went.

The world didn’t end.

At least, if it did, I didn’t get the memo. I’m still here. Moon Man is still here. The dogs and cats are still here, and the dust and laundry are all still here.

It’s all still here.

And I could try to build some big philosophical point about how the world really did end that day, in that we stopped living in a world where the End of the World (TM) was right around the corner and so something significant can be said about how we always have the ability to end our current world and pick a new one that works better, but instead I’m going to focus on a different angle in the same movie:

If the world was supposed to end 10 days ago and we’re all still here, then perhaps we can agree to approach our lives as though we’re living in some sort of cosmic bonus round.

Y’know, like in a game show, where the main competition has ended and now everyone is just in a big race to see how many goodies they can sweep up before the clock runs out for realsies.

Except that, because we are awesome and amazing, instead of grabbing all the goodies we can grab, we’re going to build all the karma we can. We are going to be unbelievably gracious. We are going to be ludicrously kind. We are going to be generous with ourselves and others; we are going to forgive ourselves and others; we are going to be grateful to ourselves and others; and we are going to lovingly, gently, firmly but tenderly push ourselves and others every single day to be the greatest Selves we can possibly be, because we have been given this bonus round during which we can grab up as much karma as we can build.

The old world has ended. The new age is here. And just to put a great big exclamation point on things, it’s also New Year’s Day (well, it is here in the middle of nowhere. Y’all on the West Coast can just pretend you’ve time-traveled into the future to read this. …Gawds, what a waste of time-traveling. Tell ya what, if you’re time-traveling and reading this, go ahead and do something really awesome while you’re in the future. This blog will still be here when you get back).

So this is a perfect time, what with the New World and the New Year and all that, for us to hit the bonus round runnin’. We’ve made it through all the crap the Doomsayers could predict (always in dire tones, have you noticed?), and now we’re bound for glory.

So let’s make it count, shall we? This year we are going to dazzle.

And I, for one, can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve.

Happy New Year, all. I love you each, I love you all.

–Mama BW


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One response to “Happy 2013: Bonus Round

  1. Ohhh, how many ways do I love this post? 😀 (Answer: too many to count. Good thing we have the bonus round for more time!)

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