Buffalo Tirade: Uganda

I promise to keep my remarks brief today, because I’m going to ask you to do some background reading that will take a few minutes.

First, please read this: Uganda Anti-Gay Bill as “Christmas Gift”.

Then, for some background, please read this: What is the Uganda Anti-Gay Bill?.

…Finished? If you couldn’t access them for some reason, or if you didn’t have time to read them right now, the short form is that Uganda is set to pass a bill making homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment and/or death (depending on the particulars of your “crime”). The argument is that this will help strengthen traditional families, while protecting children from exploitation.

Now, look. I am all for strong families. My opinions on how to define that are clearly different from other folks’, but that’s ok. Strong families, I think we can all agree, are a good thing.

And I am all for protecting children from exploitation. Not a lot of gray area on that one, in my opinion; exploiting children is a bad thing, and we can all agree on that too.

But y’know what? Screw you forever if you think the solution to anything–anything–is genocide. (Also, Pro Tip: genocide is not a good Christmas present. Are you kidding me?!)

So as of today, the Buffalo Moon Ranch’s Safe Space policy is going to have to be amended as follows:

The Buffalo Moon Ranch is a Safe Space. All people are welcome here, regardless of gender, orientation, religion, political affiliation, ability, age, race, culture, or income level…unless you are a genocidal jerkface, in which case you may stay in the yard. I hope it rains on you.

Good grief.



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2 responses to “Buffalo Tirade: Uganda

  1. Would you like to see my list of places in the world I’m never going to travel? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_by_country_or_territory
    Paying particular attention, of course, to the map in the upper right hand corner.

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