This Land

It’s Election Day!

This means several things:

1. Tomorrow is No More Political Ads At Least For A Little While Day, thank the lord and baby Tebow. As I mentioned to Moon Man this morning, I never really thought I’d be ramped to see ads for fat-free foods and prescription medications, but there it is.

2. Maybe we can go back to charming animal memes instead of political ideologies expressed in witty quip form. That is, once we all get the “aww, man, I can’t believe that guy won!” out of our systems, which you know will happen regardless of who wins this thing.

3. I have strOng OpiniOns about whO shOuld get elected. If yOu dOn’t knOw which candidate I suppOrt, then I’m glad tO enlighten yOu, thOugh I dOn’t reckOn I’ll sway anyOne’s OpiniOns at this late stage Of the game.

4. Therefore, let’s all get out there and vote (seriously. If you haven’t voted yet, godoitnow. If you’re not planning on voting this time ’round, you can go ahead and un-bookmark me, because we are no longer friends). And then come back and let’s have a nice singalong, shall we? We’re all in this together, gang, whether Your Favorite Candidate wins or not–so play nicely, share the toys, and don’t make me come down there. This land was made for you and me.

(I used to read/sing this book–the one with these illustrations–to my preschool class. You should really get a copy and spend some time just looking at the pictures. They’re beautiful.)


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