100th Post: Love Bomb!



So…um…this is apparently my 100th ‘Tract. Which comes as something of a surprise; I mean, you sit down and write something, and then you write something else, and then you write another something, and then all of a sudden you’ve written 100 somethings and you’re not quite sure how that can possibly have happened, since it really doesn’t feel like you’ve been at it for very long. But the site assures me that yes, this is in fact the big #100; and so of course we have to do something to celebrate, and if you’ve been with me for these last 100 posts, surely you know what that means:

It’s Love Bomb Day! Woohooooo!

So here’s what I’m proposing today, ‘Tracters: Let’s love bomb everybody. Everybody you can think of. Everybody you know. If you love ’em, tell ’em today. It’s as good a day as any, and everybody deserves to hear, once in a while, that somebody loves ’em.

So if you are reading this, I want you to take 30 seconds–you know you’ve got 30 seconds; I mean, c’mon, you’re reading a blog right now–and go write someone a love note. Or love text. Or love Facebook wall post.

Here are some sample scripts to get you started (feel free to swipe ’em):

* Thinking of you in a loving sort of way, and thought you should know that. Love you!

* Guess what! I love you. Hope your day is as magnificent as you are.

* Remember that time we [insert adventure here]? Yeah, thinking about that always makes me smile. Love you.

* Today I had occasion to [insert something they taught you how to do], and I realized that knowing you really has had a positive impact on my life. Thank you for that. Love you!

* You’re an awesome kid, and I’m proud of you. I love you!

…really, there are a hundred kazillion options for how to do this, and you’re limited only by your imagination. So go wild! Cut loose! And seriously, take as much time as you’ve got and go on a love bomb rampage. Love bomb people you haven’t talked to in a while. Love bomb your entire family. Love bomb your BF, your BFF, your FB f-list, and any other combination of Fs and Bs you can think of.

I for one will be love bombing a whole batch of people via Facebook today, because it’s just so darned convenient to be able to send out some drive-by lovins that take, like, 10 seconds apiece.

You’ve got 10 seconds. You can do this.

So go! Go forth and spread the love! It’s a great day for it, don’t you think?

Love you each, love you all,

–Mama BW

ZOMG, how much do I love this card?!? (Hint: a LOT.)


P.S.–To those of you who are just finding BuffaloTracts for the first time, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around so we can get to know you better. And to those of you who have been here for these last 100 posts, please know how much I love and appreciate you. Writing these ‘Tracts is kinda the high point of my day, and I am grateful to each and every one of you for being the amazing, supportive, beautiful freaky folk that you are. I love you!



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