Moving Mountains

Let me just brain-dump a few things here quickly, so we can move on to the core of our conversation:

1. Rape is rape, you horrible, horrible man.

2. Yes, a woman can get pregnant as a direct result of a rape. I know someone personally to whom this happened. When she was thirteen.

3. This:


My opinions about one of the cruelest, most callous, most vile things I’ve personally heard in a long, long time are not the point of this post. Besides, I think the internet is making it abundantly clear how we generally feel about the shameful remarks of an insensitive, uninformed, terrible, horrible, wretched little man.

No, the point of the post is this: This is a man who is running for an elected post. An. Elected. Post. There are two ways for him to win this post: either enough people vote for him, or enough people don’t vote against him.

This is true of all elections really–a person throws his or her hat into the ring, and s/he can either win outright or win by default. Which means that the choice is yours–and failure to vote is, by default, a vote in the other direction.

Here’s another image to think about:


If you take nothing else away from this post, please take this: you can move mountains. Sure, you may not be able to do it alone–it may take a whole group of people, working together, to cause any real changes in the world. But you can get the ball rolling; or if it’s already starting to rock a little bit, you can add your shoulder to it.

Alternately, you can sit back and do nothing; but if you do, you forfeit your right to complain.

The temptation to blather on about this for a while is strong–you know how my posts usually go–but today I’m going to keep it short, because I want you to do something far more important than sitting here and reading this post:

I want you to go register to vote. If you’ve already registered, I want you to encourage someone else to register to vote.

Here’s how: Go to Google. Type in “how to register to vote in [your state’s name here]”. When I did that just now for my state, I got approximately 4 million results. Pick something from the first page or two of results (usually the first coupla results will be your best bets), and read and follow the directions. If you need help, phone a friend; but I think you’ll be surprised at how easy most states make the process.

You might have caught wind that there’s a great big ol’ important election thingie coming up in November, and so help me god, I want to see lines around the block at the voting stations. I don’t care whose name you check on the little ballot sheet–heck, write in Mickey Mouse for all I care–but get out there and vote. Make your voice heard.

Because failure to do so is, by default, your way of saying “I’m 100% on board with everything that is happening right now, and I am completely comfortable with the election of any of the current candidates”. And I can’t speak for you, but that is really, really not how I feel about the situation.

So I’ll be voting helping to move this mountain. And I would love–lovelovelove–to see you there.


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