WWCH: Baby, I’m Amazed by You

I’ll just go ahead and say it: I love Little House on the Prairie. I love the books, I love the tv series, and (heaven help me) I even love the little tv movies they made and aired as two-part episodes. I love watching Laura grow up, and I love watching Pa get sentimentally sniffly, and I love watching Ma try her best to keep everybody civilized despite their natural inclinations toward barbarianism. Sure, it had a tendency to get a little heavy-handed sometimes, but I’m willing to forgive it, because I love, love love love, Little House. A lot.

I suppose that’s probably not the most shocking revelation of all time, at least not for people who have been reading this blog for a little while. But hold onto the the idea of Little House on the Prairie anyway–it’ll be relevant in a minute.

Meanwhile, take a second and watch this video clip.

I think Louis C.K. makes a great point there–the world is in this perpetual state of radical upheaval, and nobody seems the least bit impressed by it. For instance, this week a rover landed on Mars, and sent back pictures. Let me restate that: a rover landed on Mars, and sent back pictures. Of Mars. Where the rover had landed. The rover with the camera on it. Which it used to take pictures. OF MARS. 

Quick show of hands: how many of you have landed anything on Mars this week? That’s what I thought…and yet people are criticizing the project as a waste of money. You know what I think is a waste of money? Teeth whitening.

Here’s another one: Gabby Douglas took the Women’s All-Around Gymnastics gold medal last week, making her the first African-American woman to do so. This gal practiced and practiced, then got in a plane and flew (“OH MY GOD! WOWWWWW!”) to London, suited up, and just, y’know, went out and flipped and flew and twisted and vaulted and did things with her body that made my hips ache at the mere thought of it, and she won the whole shebang. Right now, Gabby Douglas is officially the best gymnast in the world. And you know what people are talking about? Her hair.

*blink, blink* I’d like a perspective check at register 3, please?

So here’s what I propose we do this weekend, ‘Tracters: this weekend, let’s all go out and be amazed by something.

It doesn’t entirely matter what it is: the world is full of amazing things, and we’re all going to be amazed by different stuff (which is arguably in itself amazing), so go with whatever floats your boat. Be amazed by the brilliance of the book you’re reading; be amazed by the beauty of a piece of music; be amazed at how damned good you look in that new outfit you got; be amazed that your dog’s nose can twitch like that. Be amazed by the way the sun filters through a tree’s leaves. Be amazed at your wife’s cooking (hint, hint, Moon Man). Be amazed that your husband can snore that loudly without waking himself up (ahem).

And I get it: we live in a world where we take things for granted, like, all the time. It’s just part of how society is nowadays, which is lamentable in some ways but fascinating in others (anthropologists and sociologists, be amazed!). But if you’re having trouble finding things that amaze you, allow me to offer the following thought exercise:

Imagine that the Ingalls family from Little House on the Prairie has been transported (via TARDIS, if you’re a Whovian) to your living room. Look around yourself and think of all the things that would blow. their. minds. Flat-panel tvs, anyone? I can see London from here! How about air conditioning? I can control the temperature–what’s next, the tides?!? And I imagine Ma would just about faint at the sight of the refrigerator with the built-in ice-and-water dispenser thingie. Pa wouldn’t have the first idea what the thing in the driveway even is, let alone that it’s replaced horses and buggies. And can you just imagine Laura and Mary with an Xbox? Before Mary went blind, that is.

So when you stop and think about it, everything is amazing. You’re amazing, if you let yourself get really objective about it. Your kids are amazing. Your pets are amazing. Everything is amazing, and we all get to have that, every single day.

So maybe this weekend we take a second and focus on it. This world is amazing, and I get to participate in it, all day, every day, just by waking up.

Mind = blown.

See that? That’s MARS! It’s a PICTURE OF MARS! I cannot overstate how amazing that is.


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