WWCH: I Love You

It’s been a little while since we did a Love Bomb for the Weekend World-Changer Homework, and I think this weekend is a really, really good opportunity for it. Here’s why:

1. I learned last night that an acquaintance from my old “home base” coffeeshop had been found dead under seriously messed-up circumstances earlier in the week. He and I weren’t particularly close–we never really made it to full-tilt “friends” status–but he was someone I was always glad to see, someone who was always good for a quick smile and a few minutes’ chat, and the idea that someone might have killed him is just wrong. There are people who will miss him deeply; and while I was not as close to him as they were, I’ll still feel the loss the next time I’m there. T, this cup of coffee is for you. *raises cup*

2. A dear friend of ours is currently elbows-deep in a custody battle over his daughter. He and his wife had scrimped together every penny on the face of the earth to get all caught up on all their bills and were congratulating themselves on their creative financial problem-solving when they suddenly received a notice that they had to come up with $650 within a few weeks to pay for a home study as part of the custody struggle. We all know how that feels–you think you’ve got it all sorted out, and suddenly the universe pulls the rug out from under you. Those days suck. They’ve rallied the troops and are going to make it all happen; but still, that had to be a rough few hours, when they tried to figure out how to get $650 to materialize from the ether.

3. Another dear friend is in the middle of some ridiculous work drama, most of which comes down to “I cannot understand why you are upset that I am asking you to do the work you said you would do; nor can I wrap my brain around how ‘Please make sure you keep your timesheets current and that you record all work you do for clients so we can charge them appropriately’ can possibly be perceived as abusive or demanding”. He’s a tough boss, sure, in that he demands honesty and excellence from his direct reports, but he’s also a person who is extremely flexible, extremely loyal to his people, and who will go out of his way to make sure his people have everything they need to be successful at the tasks they have taken on…so the idea of him being abusive is just plain funny to me. He’s about the least abusive person I can think of, with the possible exception of Big Bird from Sesame Street. Big Bird is probably less abusive; but then again, Big Bird is a puppet.

…So there’s some serious craziness swirling around the universe this week, and since I can’t personally fix any of it, the most I can recommend is that we do what we can to counterbalance it. So it’s Love Bomb Weekend, ‘Tracters, and you know what that means: pick someone you love–anyone will do–and tell them in no uncertain terms that you love them. Tell them why you love them. Tell them why they’re important to you. Tell them how your life is better for their presence, and tell them–using concrete examples whenever possible–what they have done to make your world a better place.


Do it because (again with the morbid kick) you really cannot say with any absolute certainty that you’ll get another chance to tell them these things. Do it because some of us are having an unnecessarily rough week and could use the boost. Do it because you’re a nice person.


Do it because “in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”.


Do it because you can.


Mad love,

Mama BW



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