WWCH: Braggin’

I’ve got to brag on Moon Man a little bit today.

The first story starts with a recipe for chocolate mousse made from avocados, which I found on Pinterest the other day and test-drove yesterday. As it turns out, it’s startlingly delicious (though very, very rich), and is that fun sort of recipe that totally baffles your brain because it tastes like candy but is made of vegetables. How delightful is that? So I made some yesterday, and was feeling all cute because it’s avocado-based, and avocados are Caveman Food, and so hooray! I’d found a dessert recipe that Moon Man could eat. …Except for the slight problem that it’s got, like, a billion pounds of agave nectar in it, and agave nectar is not Caveman Chow. Booooo.

The braggin’ part? Moon Man came in, tried a taste, read the recipe, and walked away from it. He said it was tasty and he’d be glad to have a bite anytime I had some, but since it wasn’t Caveman-Friendly, he just didn’t eat it. The man was confronted with a rich chocolatey dessert, and he didn’t eat it. Maybe that’s more impressive to me than it should be, but man, that’s willpower I can’t even fathom. Mad kudos to him for that.

The second brag-worthy moment happened this morning: we were chatting about what the day would hold, and he said that he was looking forward to working out with his trainer. This is a man who has historically struggled with motivation, particularly when it comes to exercise–it’s one of those things that we both knew we should do, but we didn’t wannnnnnna. So to see him come to a point where he gets excited about workout days, and plots ways to incorporate exercise into his business trips, and gets all hoppy-bunny about the idea of getting me a bike so we can go riding together? This is a version of Moon Man I hadn’t foreseen when we got married, and to be totally honest, I think I like this guy a little bit better. He’s taking charge of his life and his health, and I have all the time in the world for that.

So, y’know, a pretty brag-worthy 24 hours here at the Buffalo Moon Ranch.

And that leads us to your Weekend World-Changer Homework, ‘Tracters: Brag on your people! Maybe you post about ’em on Facebook (or your social media venue of choice); maybe you take out a full-page ad in your local paper; maybe you blog about ’em; maybe you make up t-shirts with their name and achievements and that goofy picture you snapped at that party a few years ago when they had balloons tied to their head.


How you do it isn’t as important as the fact that you do it at all. We all need a cheering section sometimes, and really, who better than our loved ones to lead the cheers?


So go! Brag on someone you love! People have the ability to amaze us at a moment’s notice (a dear friend of ours wrote about his family’s recent experience with that in his beautiful and moving post, “She Dances“), and the least we can do is sit up and take notice when they do.


Have a spectacular weekend, ‘Tracters…and remember: get your brag on!


Noooo! Don't jump! Look, I'll brag about you on my blog! 😀
Photo by the brilliant Mircea Sauciuc at West Birch Photography in Lawrence, KS. (www.westbirch.com)


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