WWCH: Adventure Time!

Check it out, ‘Tracters: how cool is this? This weekend, my dear friend, Starwyse, is taking a flight lesson! I know, right? Her first-ever flight lesson! She’s going to get in a plane, go up in the sky, and toodle around for a bit, while those of us on the ground grin and take pictures and shout words of encouragement that she totally won’t be able to hear. She’s going to fly, literally, up in the air with the birds and the clouds and things. She could wave at Superman. She’s going to have this grand adventure, just because.

Seriously, so cool.

So that’s our inspiration this week, ‘Tracters. How many times have you thought of something that you’d love to do, and added it to the “One of These Days” list, and realized several years later that you still haven’t gotten around to it? How many things have you stopped yourself from doing because they’re new, or scary, or unfamiliar, or challenging? Budgetary restraints are one thing, as are scheduling issues–it’s probably not realistic for every single one of us to go take to the skies this weekend, if for no other reasons than that a) it’s a little late to schedule that, and b) that’d make for some awfully congested airspace. But we can all try something, even if it’s not something giant and grandiose and photo-worthy (though I should note, for the record, that anything can be photo-worthy, if you decide it’s worth memorializing).


So here’s your Weekend World-Changer Homework, gang: During the next two days, go ye forth and do something new. Have a little adventure. Get in a little mischief. Try something you’ve been meaning to try, or try something that just kinda comes to you in the spur of the moment.


Maybe you’ll take a short road trip, or dye your hair an outrageous color. Maybe you’ll go rent that movie you’ve always meant to see, or read that book you’ve always meant to read. Maybe you’ll be at the grocery store and find yourself spontaneously inspired to test-drive rutabagas. What you do isn’t as important as the fact that you’re consciously choosing to push yourself a little way outside your comfort zone; this is about expanding your experiences, not trying to check things off some weird cosmic list (unless you’re a checklist sort of person, in which case, check away!).


Personally, I’m thinking this might be the weekend that we get me a bicycle. I used to have one when I was a kid, but the last time my buffalo butt was on a bicycle seat was … actually, I’m not going to tell you that, because it would reveal some things about my age that make me a little distressed (time just keeps passing, y’know, and I would like to speak to a member of Cosmic Management about that). And there is a very real chance that once I have said bicycle, I will bring it home, saddle up, and immediately ride it off a curb into oncoming traffic, or try to swerve around a stray rock and end up going through someone’s front window, or try to avoid running over a runaway toddler and end up taking out his mommy instead. But there’s also the possibility of grand and glorious adventure, once I have a shiny new bike; there’s the promise of wind in my face and sunshine on my shoulders and maybe a little bell I can ring and a basket for toting around groceries or flowers or apology notes for the people I run into.


Did I mention that it’s supposed to rain here on Sunday? My idealism sometimes gets ahead of my reality.


But meteorological irritations notwithstanding, this weekend is–so help me god–adventure time. Life is so much shorter than you realize when you’re 10, so get out there and do something with it! Lawd knows there’ll be plenty of time to be sedentary when you’re dead.


So off you go! May your weekend be glorious and magnificent and full of laughter and adventure and delight…and if it’s particularly grand, come back and tell us about it!


Happy Adventuring!


Aww, look! It's a little airplane with a Star on it! 😀



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6 responses to “WWCH: Adventure Time!

  1. Tess

    And – don’t forget – it’s STAR and ANGEL taking to the Heavens in a RENEGADE…if that’s not a propitious beginning to an adventure, I don’t know what is! 🙂 Give her a holler for me, Buffalo Woman!

  2. I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid. The best I got was to tandem with my dad and THAT was fun!!

    • Awesome!! I don’t know that I could do tandem riding–between my control freak tendencies and my questionable balance, I reckon it’d last about as far as the end of the driveway. lol

  3. Christine

    I got a bike a couple weeks ago, it’s red. Kent put a bell on it for me this week. I can’t this weekend, but there WILL be riding soon. Wish I could today, it would be an excellent day for riding.

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