Fine, Fine, It’s Important. (Harrumph)

I found this the other day when I was nosing around Pinterest, and I re-pinned it to my own wall because I figured it was just the sort of thought that would help motivate me on days when I wasn’t really feelin’ the whole “work out, get healthy, try life in a different bodyshape” thing:

So, y’know, it’s pretty much perfect for days like today.

Here’s what’s been going on at the Buffalo Moon Ranch during the last 24 hours:

1. Yesterday, in a fit of Healthy Lifestyle Madness, Moon Man and I went to the little park a few blocks away to play “woccer” (which is soccer for people whose maximum speed is a vaguely hasty walk). We were having a grand and glorious time, getting our heart rates up and laughing like spastic hyenas, when I managed to find a clump of grass approximately 2 microns tall, and twisted the bejeezus outta my ankle. I can still walk on it, etc, but it’s painful–so things like jumping jacks are right out, as are any step-based exercises. The good news is that now I have an excuse not to do lunges for a little while. I hate lunges.

2. Last night before bed, I went to give the dogs their nightly 1/4 cup of overnight crunchies (they go into full-on hysterics if their dishes are completely empty at bedtime, but if you toss ’em a little something, they ignore it and go happily to bed. Crazy dogs); since the dog food dishes live on the floor, I had to bend over to do this and, you guessed it, my back made a fun little “spangggg!” sound and kinked up.

So as of bedtime last night, my back was tweaked and my ankle was twisted and my left wrist, which flares up sometimes just for the fun of it, was in full-on “NoDon’tTouchMeOwOwOw” mode.

Obviously, this does not inspire one to anticipate performing feats of athletic greatness the next day.

The good news is that I woke up this morning with my back mostly settled down (I’m still being mildly cautious, but all the telltale “you’ve hurt yourself” pains have been replaced with my usual daily “oh, so that’s what they mean about how being overweight does bad things to your back” pain), and my wrist has decided that maybe we’re not going to have a massive pain party after all so it may as well back off too. My ankle is still giving me grief, but that just needs some time (and rest, and anti-inflammatories, and periodic ice packs) to heal of its own accord.

But still! I have an owie on my ankle, hints of an owie in my back, and an owie-when-it-feels-like-it wrist! And all of those would make for some absolutely terrific excuses if I wanted to give myself the day off. I mean, you’re not supposed to risk further injury, right? And given that I rolled my ankle while trying to be all sporty, maybe that’s a sign from the cosmos that I should just sit out the next few rounds, right?


The problem is that I’ve learned about a lot of exercises lately, and they’ve all been conveniently broken down by body part. Sure, my ankle is out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t lie on my back and do leg lifts. If my back wants to get snippy about it, I can sit in a chair and do leg lifts. Heck, if my back and legs go into tantrums together, I can use my dumbbells to work my chest and arms. And if those don’t work, I can ruddy well sit here in this chair and squeeze my abs back toward my spine in a sort of Ultimate Lazy Woman’s Crunch.

Because as it turns out, it is important to me. So I will find a way, even when the excuses are so convenient that they pretty much write themselves. This is the shape of my new life: activity is something that I do at least 5 times per week, even if it’s not pretty, even if it’s not easy, even if I have to do a lot of pre-planning and pre-thinking and problem-solving.


I am an active person. And as it turns out, being an active person takes too much time for me to have any hours left for making excuses.



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2 responses to “Fine, Fine, It’s Important. (Harrumph)

  1. Nikki

    I ❤ this bit very much: "I am an active person. And as it turns out, being an active person takes too much time for me to have any hours left for making excuses." Also, I think I will copy that little bit of art you have at the top.

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