Observation, Invitation, Exhortation

First, an observation: Right after a good workout, they say you should have some protein so your body can start doing whatever magic it does to make you healthy. Since I am an absolute sucker for dairy products, I like to take that as an opportunity to have a glass of chocolate milk (really! The Expert People say you can do that!) or a serving of cheese (since I cannot be trusted to measure cheese when I’m hungry, I like to have single servings pre-measured and ready for me–either cut into sticks, or via those little individual BabyBel things, or whatever). Today I exercised like a boss, then went upstairs for my post-workout protein treat; and today I wanted cheese, so I grabbed a piece and munched blissfully. Then, in a fit of Attempted Efficiency, which I should really know better than to attempt, I wandered down the hall, cheese in hand, to grab a couple of ibuprofen to stave off the aches that I knew were forthcoming.


That was my first mistake. My second mistake was believing, even for a split second, that I could keep track of which things (in one hand) you were meant to swallow whole and which things (in the other hand) were meant to be chewed.


For the record: do not chew ibuprofen. It tastes horrible.


That’s the Observation portion of today’s post, provided for your amusement. The Invitation portion is as follows: A very dear friend of mine, Zerself, has volunteered to make a great big ol’ Food Delivery to Harvesters (http://www.harvesters.org/), our local food pantry. But that’s not all: she has additionally volunteered to come to local folks’ houses and pick up the food they wish to donate, so if you are in the Kansas City area and wish to participate, all you have to do is gather up anything in your pantry that you’re not planning to use, and give her a call. (Have I mentioned lately that I know some seriously incredible people?) I actually think it is physically impossible to make donating much easier.


Now, in the interest of expanding this a bit, I’d like to hop on the bandwagon, though in an admittedly fairly passive way; that is, if you are in the Kansas City area and would like to participate but don’t know Zerself, then the Buffalo Moon Ranch is hereby being designated as an Official Zerself’s Mighty Food Drive Dropoff Location. Moon Man is returning from a trip to Chicago tomorrow, so this weekend will mostly be spent sitting around and letting him enjoy not being in a car–so we’ll be here all weekend, folks, and since I’m in a baking mood, there will probably be delicious homemade fresh-baked treats. Come say hello, and bring your donations, and Zerself herself (man that’s fun to say) will come by sometime early next week to pick up everything we gather. In an ideal world, we’d have to rearrange the furniture in the living room to accommodate all the donations.


To sweeten the pot, and because I do love shopping, I’m planning to match your donations one-for-one, at least until Moon Man takes away my debit card. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be exact matches, but I am planning to do a one-noun-equals-one-noun arrangement; so, for instance, your donation of peanut butter might be matched with a can of soup. I submit that this is totally fair game.


That’s right, kids; come by, visit with friends, eat some homemade baked goods, and leave with the knowledge that your donation will be doubled just because we love you like that.


That’s the Invitation part. The Exhortation part is for those of you who aren’t really conveniently located–I am deeply blessed to have readers spread out across the country, and it’s really not fair to imply that if you don’t live in the Middle of Nowhere, you don’t get to play.


So here’s the exhortation: if you are not in a place where you can easily make it to the Buffalo Moon Ranch this weekend, please participate remotely by making a donation to your own local food bank. You can visit Feeding America at http://feedingamerica.org/ to find a food bank near you; then hit the sales (and you know there will be sales this weekend) or clear out your pantry and make your own dropoff!


According to the statistics on Feeding America’s site, in 2010 approximately 19.9% of households were either food-insecure or had low food security. In other words, one in five Americans is not entirely sure whether dinner will happen today. With that in mind, do you really need all those cans of soup in your cupboard? Can you really justify buying the premade cheese plate when you can buy a block of cheese, cut it up yourself, and use the savings to buy some peanut butter and tuna to donate?


You can help, is all I’m saying (and yep, you’ll hear this from me with some regularity).


And if you’re here local, you can come help at my house.


So! What are you doing this weekend, and when can we look forward to seeing you? *grin*



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3 responses to “Observation, Invitation, Exhortation

  1. Kim

    I have seriously awesome friends.

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