Motivate Me

Oh, lordy, you know you’ve reached new levels of Unmotivated when you sit down at the computer and start a blog post–y’know, on that blog you started specifically to document your journey toward building a healthier life for yourself, which you hope will motivate and inspire others to go out and change their own worlds–so that you can avoid going alllll the way to the bedroom to put on your workout clothes and then go alllll the way to the living room to exercise.

It becomes extra hilarious when you admit to yourself that you really don’t even have to put that much effort into it, since you saw this day coming a long time ago and have therefore put some dumbbells in your office. (I work from home, so I have that luxury, though I’ve seen plenty of people in my former Real Live Office Jobs Where You Have To Wear Clothes Every Day who also have assorted small exercise gadgets in their offices/cubicles/etc.)

I have eyed the bedroom door from here approximately 254 times today. I have eyed the dumbbells right beside me on the floor approximately 354 times today. And yet, here I sit, typing away, wearing a housedress, not exercising anything unless you count the exceedingly small finger push-ups I do every time I strike a key (and at a typing speed of roughly 90 words per minute–yep, I’m that typist–I’m doing a lot of finger push-ups. Surely that counts for something, right?).

In fact, it’s even gotten so out-of-control that before logging in here, I spent a good ten minutes perusing , a nifty little site full of quotes and images and videos and things. They’re all lovely and very motivational. You should check them out sometime. I did, just now. It’s all full of good stuff, I promise.

So today, I think, is not going to be a Rockstar Day. It’s not going to be an “I award myself three extra stickers, because I am just that hardcore” day. It might not even be an “…and that’s why I get out of bed every day!” day. There is a better than average chance that today will be an “Ok, fine, shut up, I’m going to exercise. Look, I’m exercising right now. There had better be some fireworks or possibly an awards reception at the end of this” sort of day, assuming I ever make it alllll the way across the hall to get into my exercise clothes.

But they say that “Excellence is not an act, but a habit”–my old choirmaster had that on a poster in the rehearsal room, and he pointed at it not less than 976 times per day, usually when we were right in the middle of singing through a particular phrase on endless political-prisoner-torturing loop so we could really lock it down–so I shall endeavor to continue building a habit of excellence by getting up from this chair, going allll the way across the hall, and putting on my exercise clothes. And then I’ll go allll the way to the living room, and do something exercise-y. And I will love it. Every single sweaty irritating second of it. Because I am excellent like that. A total rockstar.


Anyone wishing to leave words of motivation or inspiration is cordially invited (nay, begged) to do so in the comments. Lord knows I could use ’em today.



(UPDATE: I did it. I went allll the way to the bedroom and got dressed, then went allll the way to the living room, and I exercised. I actually even worked a little harder than usual today–did more reps on some things, heavier weights on others, etc. So maybe it really is a three-sticker day…just not a very gracious one. *grin*.)

Maybe it will help if I imagine myself punching a t-rex in the mouth with each rep.


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