Weekend World-Changer Homework: Love Bomb!

For those of you who only know me through BuffaloTracts, “Love Bombs” might be a new concept for you. Basically, I use the term “love bomb” to refer to sending a sudden, unexpected, out-of-the-blue message of love to someone you care about; sometimes these happen on more predictable days, such as birthdays or days when you know they’re feeling blue, and sometimes it’s just because it sounds like a good idea at the time. Love Bombs can take any shape you like–they can be an email, or a text message, or a call, or showing up at someone’s doorstep with a fruit basket…pretty much anything is fair game that lets the person know that someone in this world loves them and took a minute out of their day to think about them.


So since I’ve noticed that I’m developing a pattern of posting Share the Toys-type homework assignments on Fridays–y’know, ’cause we probably won’t talk again until Monday, and that gives us all a couple of days to go spread some joy in the world–I thought I might just go ahead and formalize that into an Official Weekly Practice (henceforth known as “Weekend World-Changer Homework”, at least until I decide I want to call it something else). And what better way to start the WWH than with a Love Bomb?


So here’s your homework: Sometime between now and Monday morning, go ye forth into the world and Love Bomb somebody!


In the interest of providing inspiration (which should by no means be taken as a restrictive sort of direction–rather, just an option to get your creative juices flowing), I’m additionally suggesting that you try to come up with a compliment that the Love Bomb recipient has probably never received before, or which you’re at least pretty confident that you’ve never personally said to them.


Some examples, aimed at people whom I know to be frequent BuffaloTracts readers (this is not an exhaustive list–if you’re not here, it ain’t personal, and I promise your Love Bomb will come one of these days!):


River Fox Woman: I love it that you use “ahaha” instead of “lol” in instant messages. Also, I am officially stating for the record that you’re the hawt one in this relationship, and since you don’t have a blog, you can’t rebut that. Ahaha!


Sopranoo: Kind of arbitrary, I know, but I’ve always secretly admired the shape of your nose. It’s unique and kinda upturn-y there at the end, and it gives your face a great deal of beautiful character. Also, when they build that trans-dimensional doorway between our houses, I am going to hang out at yours all the time, because I imagine that it must be a great deal of chaotic hilarious fun at your place.


Notty: You’ve got this sort of swagger-y saunter-y hip-swingin’ mosey thing that I absolutely adore. I’ll admit: sometimes when I exercise, I try to strengthen the muscles in my back and abs so I can get my hips to swing like yours do. (Maybe I should be embarrassed about that.) Also, your new haircut is fantastic, which I know isn’t really a unique compliment, but I strongly felt that it needed to be included. Seriously. So hawt.


…See how easy that is?


So go! Pick someone (or several someones–thanks to the internet, you can do Carpet Love Bombing in, like, 10 minutes!) and send ’em a little love. The world’s karma rating will thank you for it.


And have a magnificent weekend, dearios! Mama BW loves you–each of you, jointly and severally–with the passion of a thousand burning suns! *mwah*



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4 responses to “Weekend World-Changer Homework: Love Bomb!

  1. Sopran00

    Thanks for the Love Bomb!! You know, a dumb boy on the middle school bus once told me I had a ski slope nose. Now this dweeb was not my opinion leader on anything but that stuck with me. And for years my nose was the thing that I would have changed about my face. But after a few other compliments, and now finally yours, I am choosing to let go of that one comment and embrace my nose. Only took . . . hold on . . .I’m counting how many years. . . .let’s all agree that was 10 or 12 years ago. And my house would be great fun if you were a regular visitor. If people knew you were here they would want to come over all the time. Seriously, move on out here any old time you want.

    • I’m actually mentally halfway working on a post about the things we carry with us from middle/high school, sparked in no small part by my current reading of “Queen Bees and Wannabes”, a book about how girls relate to each other during their teenage years. It’s somewhere between funny and sad, how much of what people say to us when we’re young influences what we feel about ourselves–and what we become–as we get older. Case in point: looking back on pictures of myself in elementary school, I was taller than most and an earlier bloomer, but generally height/weight proportionate. However, the kids told me I was fat; so fat is what I became, because I believed that’s what I already was.

      In other news, I think you’re absolutely right that middle school was only 10-12 years ago. Shoot, most of the time it feels like it was 5 years, tops. 🙂

      And I’ll totally keep the invitation to move to NJ in mind. With deep and profound love in my heart, though, I might suggest that you not pin all your hopes and dreams on my arriving anytime soon. I’m a plains girl, through and through. 😉

  2. Notty

    You made a wench blush, no mean accomplishment that. Thank you! Also, I love you!

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