Sprucin’ up the Place

Hi, all!


As you might have noticed, BuffaloTracts has gotten a minor face lift; nothing drastic, just the addition of some new tabs across the top, to help you (and me) find particular posts faster. Y’know, so they’re handy when you want to quote them in your Nobel Prize acceptance speech (*snerfle*).


So! Let’s take the five-cent tour, shall we?


The categories are broken down across the three tenets of my main life philosophy: “Play nicely, share the toys, and don’t make me come down there”. There are also a couple more categories, but those are a little more…I dunno, generic? Here’s how it all shakes out:


Play Nicely: This category is for discussions of relationships, both with yourself and with others. (I’m using “you” here as a sort of generic pronoun; since I write in the first person, they’re all technically discussions of my relationship with myself, but you know what I’m getting at.) This is where you’ll find things like my notes-to-self, and my minor epiphanies.


Share the Toys: The overall theme here is “Make your life your gift to the world”. Posts that live here will usually have some sort of implicit action item (or at least include something motivational, which can turn into an action item if you want it to), and those action items will frequently be directed outward, though I reserve the right to include posts that are about improving the world by improving yourself. Sample post: “Parking Lot Revolution”.


Don’t Make Me Come Down There: Here’s where the Buffalo Tirades and Tantrums live. Moon Man once told me that my tantrums aren’t like other people’s tantrums–I’ll perceive myself as throwing a giant brutal fit, and he’ll report later that what I actually said was something like, “Dear, I am feeling frustrated that you haven’t taken out the trash yet. Is that something you can accomplish in the next couple of hours?”–so these might not all be as … I dunno, tantrum-y … as one might expect, but will include things like “Bullying Is Never Ok” and “I Can’t Fix You”.


Buffalo Who? and General Musings and Meanderings are more generic categories; the former is my brief bio thingie, and the latter is the big dumping ground for pretty much all my posts, just so they have a place to hang out together and mingle a bit. Think of it as the community center or greenspace of BuffaloTracts.


…So there you have it! Hopefully these categories will make it easier to find reading material that suits your mood; and of course, you can always just mosey through the homepage, where everything lives.


And while we’re here, please let me thank you for sharing and participating in my little corner of the internet. You all inspire and motivate me daily, and if I can return some of that love to you, then I am blessed beyond description. Keep rockin’ on!


Mad love,

Mama BW


That's Moon Man on the left, and me on the right. This is one of our engagement photos, done by the frankly incredible folks at West Birch Photography (http://www.westbirch.com/index.php), based in Lawrence, KS. Pay no attention to the weird break at the bottom; my computer is having a fit today.


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