Attitude of Gratitude

For the last week or so, I have been in a foul temper. Epic-level foul. “Sometimes you just want to watch the world burn”-level foul. “Pack a coupla bags, pick a cave in the woods, and go hide there forever because it is so much better if you’re not around anyone, for any reason”-level foul. There have been individual instances where I’ve crawled out of my funk and remembered what the world looked like through a lens that wasn’t grimy and covered with lyrics from the depressed music of the ’90s–Christmas was a pretty good day, for instance–but the rest of the time? Ugh.

So today I am writing thank-you cards for our Christmas gifts. It is my hope that a very focused, very conscious decision to (literally) count my blessings and record them in adorable stationery will help refocus me on the love and joys that are available to us at all times (we just have to choose to notice them). Failing that, maybe a fake-it-’til-I-make-it approach will help turn this boat around: in much the same way that wearing a fancy outfit can make a person feel…well, fancy…sometimes wearing my Pleasant Person face can help make me feel like I really am a pleasant human being, and bring my attitude in line with that image.

Failing that, it’s still early in the day, so there’s plenty of time to go live in a cave. If you don’t hear from me again, that’s where I’ll be. Feel free to send pizza and bonbons.


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