Quick! While There’s Still Time!

I confess: In addition to my deep and abiding love of stickers, I’m also a fan of using the bejeezus outta my wall space. I reckon this quirk also got formed during kindergarten (really, when’s the last time you saw a kindergarten room with bare walls?), but there is something in me that gets very creeped out by undecorated walls. That whole “less is more” approach to interior design? Yeah, I have no idea what to do with that. In our home, the walls have pictures on ’em. Every wall, with nearly no exceptions. In some cases, the walls have a lot of pictures, as is the case with our Family Photo display–our hallway wall is home to some 50 various family photos, all in different frames, and we’ve got easily half the hall to go. I love that wall.

This fondness for using the vertical space also means I hang little notes around the place. I like to think it makes me look fun and eclectic, but the reality of the thing is that if a note is staring me in the face–say, the one in the kitchen that says “Swap ‘Full’ for ‘Satisfied'”, then I’m more likely to do what’s on it. At least, until the novelty wears off, and the notes become background noise, which is kinda where we are now–the current notes set has been up for about a year, so I no longer really notice them. So I decided it’d be a good time to change them, and I started brainstorming things I could put up instead.

The theme of the AHA Heart Walk this year was “Start”–as in “start doing something healthy for yourself, whether that’s walking, eating, right, or whatever”–and I considered making “Start” signs. I also considered making Goal signs–things like “Shop in the non-plus section”, or “Fit into any booth at any restaurant anywhere”–that could nudge me toward my post-weight-loss ideals.

But then I stopped and had a minor snit fit at myself. Yes, it’s great to have new-body goals. Yes, it’s great to think about things that I can’t currently do, which a different body shape will enable (or at least make less impractical). Yes, it’s great to daydream about life on the flip side.

But I don’t like the implication that life on this side either has to stop or just isn’t happening at all. I’m a vibrant, dynamic woman right now, and the fact that I’m carrying more weight than the next person just means I’ll have a couple extra days on ’em when we get stranded on a desert island with no food. It means that I’m  more desirable to have around for snuggling when the heat goes out in the frozen north. It means that I can sit on someone and pin ’em much more effectively than the skinny Minnie next door.

So I think tomorrow’s post will be about things I want to do while I’m still in this body shape. Yes, I’m looking forward to trying some new things once I make it across the Weight Divide; but there are things I can also only do on this side, and those absolutely should not be ignored.

For example: I want to be a Toil Girl. (http://www.toilgirls.com/)

Feel free to help brainstorm and leave suggestions in the comments…I’ll compile a list tomorrow of what I (and you!) come up with. This should be fun!


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