Bragging Rights

For the last two weeks, my boss has been on vacation; this is why I’ve been pretty quiet around here–as it turns out, it takes 3-4 of us to equal one of her, so I’ve been a busy buffalo. Experiences like these are good, though, because it gives me a deeper appreciation for people; in this case, I’ve gotten to see firsthand just how many people at our workplace depend on her, and how many of our clients absolutely adore her (one of them specifically requested that “I heart [Boss’s Name]” be included in the minutes of our meeting), and just how very, very much she does in a day. She’s an integral part of the workings of this machine, and without her, we’re not exactly lost–just a whole lot busier, and slightly more insane.


And while I’m sure she’ll get smothered with love when she returns on Monday, I wonder if she gets the love that she deserves on, say, a random Wednesday. Just out of the blue, kinda arbitrary-like. It’s easy to be grateful when Big Major Events (like a triumphant return) occur, but how about the in-between days, when nothing important is going on?


And no, this isn’t going to turn into a “we should all stop and give thanks” post, although that’s true too. Instead, my point here is that people deserve to have their horns tooted randomly. They deserve to have their praises sung “just because”. They deserve a pat on the back, a gold star sticker, a gift card to that funky little boutique that they love…and they deserve these things all the time, not just on holidays and major gift-giving occasions and dates of historic or personal significance.


And here’s the real point of this post: You are people too. Therefore, you also deserve spontaneous occasional love bombs.


Think about it for a second: when is the last time you took a moment to sit back, survey your domain, and think, “Man, am I ever awesome”? How frequently do you give yourself permission to make a list of the ways in which the world would utterly stop functioning without you, and grin a little bit at your cosmic importance? Sure, sure, most of us aren’t actually functioning at the global level–the President really isn’t calling me very often (read: at all, ever) to ask for my opinions on policymaking or foreign relations–but I know that these last two weeks would’ve been much less convenient for people if I’d been hit by a meteor the preceding weekend. My husband would have to make his own dinner, change the cat litter, wrap all the Christmas presents and remember to address all the Christmas cards by himself, take the dogs outside regularly, and call people to wish them a Happy [Insert Hallmark-Inspired Arbitrary Holiday, Such as Grandparents’ Day, Here]. The work people would have to take all their own notes, reply to all their own client emails, and play phone tag with that one guy who needed a bit of extra love. Family members would have to wish themselves happy birthdays. The Christmas tree would have to decorate itself.


So if you’re reading this, stop right this second and take a moment to grin proudly at your accomplishments. You deserve a pat on the back just as much as anyone else does, even if you haven’t done very much today. You got up. You’re having a verb (in this case, “reading”), and this might not be the first verb you’ve had today.


You exist, and if you vanished, someone would notice.


For that, you should totally give yourself a gold star. Thank you, on behalf of the universe, for being here, for being alive, for doing anything whatsoever to improve your little corner of the place. In case nobody has thanked you lately just for being you, then please take my gratitude as a stand-in for everybody else’s…and then thank yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back. You are mighty, and you are important, and you are already changing the world, even if it’s only in wee bitty ways that only you notice.


You rock, and you deserve to hear that…so say it aloud. Over and over, if you have to. You rock, you are awesome, and I for one am glad that you’re alive. Thank you for everything you do, and everything you are, and everything you are planning to be.


And once you’ve rested smugly on your laurels for a few minutes, go hug somebody else. They need to be appreciated too. Let the love roll!


I made this all by myself. I rule.


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